avada 7.4.1 WordPress 和 WooCommerce 的网站构建器

avada 7.4.1 WordPress 和 WooCommerce 的网站构建器

avada 7.4.1 WordPress 和 WooCommerce 的网站构建器-艾瑞资源网
avada 7.4.1 WordPress 和 WooCommerce 的网站构建器

This feature-rich version introduces a wide range of new design options and tons of new features. We have introduced Multi-Step Avada Forms, ACF Repeater support, Pixel Width & Flex Grow for Columns, and Mailchimp tag/group support. In addition, you can now create a WooCommerce thank you page when designing a site with the Avada Setup Wizard, improvements to the Prebuilt Website Import process, text stroke styling, ToTop button styling, and so much more.
Avada 7.11 上线!这个功能丰富的版本引入了广泛的新设计选项和大量新功能。我们引入了多步骤Avada Forms,ACF Repeater支持,Pixel Width和Flex Grow for Columns以及Mailchimp标签/组支持。此外,您现在可以在使用 Avada 设置向导设计网站时创建一个 WooCommerce 感谢页面,改进了预构建网站导入过程、文本描边样式、ToTop 按钮样式等等。

Avada | Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce - 1

Avada | Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce - 2

Avada | Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce - 3

Avada | Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce - 4

Avada is available to purchase and download!
Avada 可供购买和下载!

Avada is the #1 selling WordPress Website Builder on the market and has been continuously for more than 10+ years. 875,000+ beginners, professionals, agencies, businesses, and creatives trust Avada for total design freedom.
Avada 是市场上 #1 销售 WordPress 网站建设者,并且已经连续超过 10+ 年。875,000+ 名初学者、专业人士、代理商、企业和创意人员信任 Avada 的完全设计自由度。

Our illustrious history stands testament to the fact that Avada is the most versatile, intuitive, and easy to use multi-purpose WordPress theme on the market today. Years of refinement and feedback forged our determination to be the best at what we do; To provide you with the tools to make things happen, efficiently, and fast. Choosing Avada is not only a mindset, but it is also a requirement if you intend to gain an edge over your competitors when creating your website. The best part is that you can design anything without having to touch a single line of code.
我们辉煌的历史证明了这样一个事实,即 Avada 是当今市场上最通用、最直观、最易于使用的多用途 WordPress 主题。多年的改进和反馈锻造了我们决心在我们所做的事情上做到最好;为您提供工具,使事情高效、快速地发生。选择 Avada 不仅是一种心态,而且如果您打算在创建网站时获得优于竞争对手的优势,这也是一项要求。最好的部分是,您无需接触任何代码即可设计任何东西。

Avada’s flexible Advanced Options Network is brought to life with the Avada Drag & Drop visual editor, Header Builder, Layout Builder, and the Footer Builder. Altogether, the Avada Website Builder is the ultimate web design toolkit for your workflow. Work fast and efficiently, knowing that you can design and create unlimited designs and layouts for your website projects.
Avada 灵活的高级选项网络通过 Avada 拖放可视化编辑器、页眉生成器、布局生成器和页脚生成器栩栩如生。总而言之,Avada Website Builder是您工作流程的终极网页设计工具包。快速高效地工作,知道您可以为您的网站项目设计和创建无限的设计和布局。

As a team, and as proud as we are to be able to continue delivering an Avada experience that will always match your needs, we underpin our relentless pursuit of perfection by setting the marketplace standard with endless design possibilities, world-class professional support, and value-packed theme updates regularly.
作为一个团队,我们很自豪能够继续提供始终符合您需求的 Avada 体验,我们通过设定市场标准,提供无限的设计可能性、世界一流的专业支持和定期更新超值主题,从而巩固我们对完美的不懈追求。

The Avada Website Builder is the most natural and intuitive WordPress website building experienceavailable. Built according to strict WordPress, PHP, and accessibility standards, Avada is always ahead of the curve, giving you the peace of mind to move your projects forward with the knowledge that you have a passionate team to support you. Do not merely take out word for it; see why more than 23,000+ average 5-star reviews over more than 7+ years lead testament of just how passionate we are. We are all about building relationships for the long term.
Avada Website Builder 是最自然、最直观的 WordPress 网站构建体验。Avada 根据严格的 WordPress、PHP 和可访问性标准构建,始终处于领先地位,让您高枕无忧地推进您的项目,因为您知道您有一个充满激情的团队来支持您。不要只是拿出文字;了解为什么超过 23,000+ 平均 5 星评论超过 7+ 年,这证明了我们的热情。我们都致力于建立长期的关系。

Below we have highlighted some of Avada’s features! The list may be long, but so are the reasons to purchase Avada and join the most significant WordPress community out there!
下面我们重点介绍了 Avada 的一些功能!这个名单可能很长,但购买 Avada 并加入最重要的 WordPress 社区的原因也是如此!

  • Avada has Intuitive visual front-end design and editing tools for you to create beautiful websites, fast.
    Avada 拥有直观的可视化前端设计和编辑工具,可让您快速创建精美的网站。
  • A clean, modern, multi-purpose designs which can be adapted and used for any website design and layout
  • The #1 selling WordPress theme on the market for 7+ years and counting
    #1 在市场上销售 WordPress 主题 7+ 年,而且还在不断增加
  • A highly advanced network of options for easy customizations without modifying the code
  • Dozens of professionally designed demos that can be imported fast with the click of a button
  • More than 25,000+ ratings with a 5 Star Average
    超过 25,000+ 评级,平均 5 星
  • Always compatible with the latest WordPress versions
    始终与最新的 WordPress 版本兼容
  • Always compatible with the latest versions of 3rd party integrated plugins
  • WordPress Multisite (WPMU) Tested and Approved
    WordPress 多站点 (WPMU) 测试和批准
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
    使用 HTML5 和 CSS3 构建
  • 100% SEO Optimized and perfectly compatible with Plugins like Yoast SEO
    100% SEO 优化,与 Yoast SEO 等插件完美兼容
  • Adherence to strict WordPress and PHP coding standards
  • Performance enhancements for fast, reliable, quality websites
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE9, IE10, IE11
  • 100% Responsive Theme with pixel perfect accuracy – and you can disable responsiveness
    100% 响应式主题,具有像素完美的准确性 – 您可以禁用响应能力
  • Easy to use Fusion Builder Visual Editor, the best visual page builder on the market
    易于使用的Fusion Builder可视化编辑器,市场上最好的可视化页面构建器
  • Full control over site width; content area and sidebars
  • Retina Ready, Ultra-High Resolution Graphics
    支持 Retina 的超高分辨率图形
  • Social Icons and Theme Icons are CSS Font Icons, no Images
  • Automatic Theme Updater directly through the WordPress Admin interface
    直接通过 WordPress 管理界面自动主题更新程序
  • Automatic Patch tool to apply fixes and improvements with one click, no other theme has this
  • Dual, flexible sidebars throughout the theme
  • 1-6 Column Support 1-6 色谱柱支持
  • One Page Parallax feature for any page
  • CSS3 animations enable or disable on desktop/mobile
    CSS3 动画在桌面/移动设备上启用或禁用
  • Child Theme Compatible – Your Avada package includes a basic child theme
    兼容子主题 – 您的 Avada 包包括一个基本的子主题
  • Strong focus on typography, usability and overall user-experience
  • jQuery Enhancements for modern websites
    现代网站的 jQuery 增强功能
  • JavaScript files are automatically combined and minified for added performance
    JavaScript 文件会自动组合和缩小以提高性能
  • JS/PHP Compiler for CSS that combines all styles into one generated file for added performance
    用于 CSS 的 JS/PHP 编译器,将所有样式组合到一个生成的文件中以增加性能
  • Includes the Font Awesome icon set, fully integrated
    包括完全集成的 Font Awesome 图标集
  • Font Awesome Pro can be enabled to use with Avada
    Font Awesome Pro可以与Avada一起使用
  • 60 Layered PSD’s included of the original Avada Classic design
    60 层 PSD 包含在原始 Avada Classic 设计中
  • Compatible with Ubermenu (uber does not support sticky headers)
    与 Ubermenu 兼容(uber 不支持粘性标题)
  • Compatible with Many Popular Plugins like WPML, Yoast, W3TC, Contact Form 7, JetPack, Gravity Forms, Slider Revolution, Layer Slider, WooCommerce, The Events Calendar, bbPress, BuddyPress, WP Rocket, All In One SEO, NextGen Gallery, UpDraft Plus to name a few
    兼容许多流行的插件,如 WPML、Yoast、W3TC、Contact Form 7、JetPack、Gravity Forms、Slider Revolution、Layer Slider、WooCommerce、The Events Calendar、bbPress、BuddyPress、WP Rocket、All In One SEO、NextGen Gallery、UpDraft Plus 等等

Excellent 5-Star Customer Support that is On-Going
持续的优秀 5 星级客户支持

  • We take pride in offering THE BEST after sales support around. We care about your site as much as you and will help in anyway possible
  • Feature Packed Updates – get new features and new development in each future update
    功能丰富的更新 – 在每次未来的更新中获得新功能和新开发
  • Technical Support with a growing community of over 550,000 customers! At our support center, we answer each and every ticket as if it was our own because we care about you and your site
    拥有超过 550,000 名客户的不断壮大社区的技术支持!在我们的支持中心,我们会像回答我们自己的工单一样回答每一张工单,因为我们关心您和您的网站
  • Customer feedback always welcomed for new features
  • Once you register your purchase, you can use our advanced support ticket system to receive professional support
  • Includes the most extensive online documentation you can find and its constantly being updated with new material
  • Multiple HD video tutorials for easy instruction
  • Access our extensive knowledge base that is ever-growing
  • Ever growing user base, read our user testimonials

Amazing Demo Avada Demos
惊人的演示 Avada 演示

  • The Best Demo Importer On The Market – Industry leading demo import that is amazingly easy to use and the fastest way to build your website. One click demo import allows you to install a full demo with everything, or a partial demo. Want the Creative demo but with Modern Shop products for an eCommerce site? Easily done! And you can quickly uninstall any imported demo content with a click.
    市场上最好的演示导入器 – 行业领先的演示导入,非常易于使用,是构建网站的最快方式。一键式演示导入允许您安装包含所有内容的完整演示或部分演示。想要创意演示,但要为电子商务网站提供现代商店产品?轻松完成!您只需单击一下即可快速卸载任何导入的演示内容。
  • Professionally designed demos that you can import with just a click. Industry leading demo designs created by a team of professional designers.
  • More demos added with each major update based on popular demand
  • Each demo is professionally designed to truly represent the exact nature of the industry; Cafe, Gym, Agency, Travel, Photography just to name a few
  • Beautiful easy to use interface through a Welcome Screen that allows you to see each demo, preview it, then import with just a click.
  • WooCommerce shop setup and products import, bbPress content imports, Events Calendar content imports
    WooCommerce 商店设置和产品导入、bbPress 内容导入、事件日历内容导入
  • Each demo has been optimized and meticulously combed over for full completion

Advanced Theme Options Network
Fusion Theme Options control options and settings globally throughout the site, whereas Fusion Page Options control individual pages and posts. Individual page options give you the freedom to change anything on a single page or post that will thereby override the global Theme Options. The Avada Advanced Options Network gives you the ultimate flexibility to design and style layouts that are unique and stand out from the rest of the site.
Fusion 主题选项可全局控制整个站点的选项和设置,而 Fusion 页面选项可控制单个页面和帖子。单个页面选项使您可以自由更改单个页面或帖子上的任何内容,从而覆盖全局主题选项。Avada Advanced Options Network 为您提供了极大的灵活性,可以设计和设置独特且从网站其他部分脱颖而出的布局。

  • 50+ main and sub theme option panels loaded with powerful customization options
    50+ 主主题和子主题选项面板加载了强大的自定义选项
  • Extensive options which provide incredible customization options without having to modify code
  • Fully dependent options so the only you see are the options that are in use based on your configuration
  • Entire option network correlation so you can quickly see what is set global vs individual
  • Incredible search feature that allows you to quickly find any option you need
  • Advanced options to enable or disable individual features for performance enhancements
  • Full control over the entire layout; site width, content area, sidebars and more
  • Logically organized options based on normal site building procedures
  • Customized repeater fields that allow for unlimited custom fonts and icons
  • Custom fonts can be used in any font-family filed throughout the site
  • Combined options for things like typography put you in full control of all settings in one area saving you precious time
  • Easily import and export your data for using on different installs or for safe backups
  • Native WordPress feel that has the same hover effects, styles and pulls user color profiles
    原生 WordPress 感觉,具有相同的悬停效果、样式和拉取用户颜色配置文件
  • All running on a customized version of the powerful Redux Framework
    所有这些都运行在强大的 Redux 框架的定制版本上

Advanced Fusion Page/Post Options
We created the page and post options to extend the Avada Theme Options. Doing this gives you extreme flexibility by being able to override the global Theme Options and create unique and dynamic content-rich pages that stand out. Any single page or post (or more than one) can have a different layout and styling compared to the rest of the site.
我们创建了页面和帖子选项来扩展 Avada 主题选项。这样做可以覆盖全局主题选项并创建独特且动态的内容丰富的页面,从而为您提供极大的灵活性。与网站的其余部分相比,任何单个页面或帖子(或多个页面或帖子)的布局和样式都可能不同。

  • Multiple option panels with amazingly deep customization options: Sliders, Page, Post, Header, Footer, Sidebars, Backgrounds, Portfolio, Page Title Bar
  • Assign any slider to any page or post, show slider above or below header, use transparent header per page
  • Customize page title bar for any page or post
  • Customize page settings like paddings uniquely for each page or post
  • Customize header styles individually for any page or post
  • Insert custom images or colors for header section, main section, boxed background per page or post
  • Choose a custom menu per page or post
  • Enable or Disable headers, footers, sliders, sidebars, backgrounds and more per page or post
  • Customize various parts of the portfolio per page or portfolio posts
  • Insert custom excerpt length per portfolio pages
  • Customize sidebars and sidebar positions for any page or post.

Incredible Theme Updates That Make All The Difference

  • Avada is not only the #1 theme because of what it is now, it’s also the #1 selling theme because of what it will continue to be in the future.
    Avada 不仅是 #1 主题,因为它现在是什么,它也是 #1 销售主题,因为它将来会继续是什么。
  • Avada releases continued value packed feature updates based off user requested features and demands
    Avada 根据用户请求的功能和需求发布持续超值的功能更新
  • Continued codebase improvements for performance enhancements and future maintenance
  • Every update is FREE to anyone who has bought a license

Multiple Premium Slider Options

  • Includes Amazing Revolution Slider Plugin – $35 Value
    包括 Amazing Revolution Slider 插件 – 价值 35 美元
  • Includes the Awesome Parallax Layer Slider Plugin – $22 Value
    包括令人敬畏的视差图层滑块插件 – 价值 22 美元
  • Custom Fusion Slider With Parallax Effect, Full Screen options and self hosted / youtube / vimeo support
    具有视差效果的自定义融合滑块,全屏选项和自托管/ youtube / vimeo支持
  • Includes Elastic Slider 包括 Elastic Slider
  • Includes FlexSlider 2 for page and post sliders
    包括用于页面和帖子滑块的 FlexSlider 2
  • All sliders are touch swipe compatible and fully responsive

Intuitive Fusion Builder Live
直观的 Fusion Builder Live

  • Beautiful visual page builder to help you easily build creative layouts
  • Most intuitive page builder on the market, easy to use while producing incredible results
  • Easy to use user interface makes page building a breeze
  • Drag and drop any of our elements to your hearts content
  • Easily create stunning pages within minutes using short codes
  • Save custom page layouts to reuse on other pages or post
  • Dozens of design elements to build unique pages quickly
  • Global options per short code element and individual overrides in Fusion Builder
    Fusion Builder 中每个短代码元素的全局选项和单个覆盖
  • Includes element previews for text, images and more
  • Over 60+ Elements and endless options to easily build creative layouts
    超过 60+ 元素和无穷无尽的选项,可轻松构建创意布局
  • Many short codes have several design options to choose from
  • Includes short code Generator integrated into Fusion Builder and default WordPress editor
    包括集成到 Fusion Builder 和默认 WordPress 编辑器中的短代码生成器

Fusion Mega Menu Fusion Mega 菜单

  • A beautiful Fusion Mega Menu design for large stylish menus and they are widget ready
    精美的 Fusion Mega Menu 设计,适用于大型时尚菜单,并且它们已准备好小部件
  • Normal menus with 5 level dropdown
    具有 5 级下拉列表的普通菜单
  • Accepts widgets; add maps, images, forms, any widget available!
  • Use from 1-6 columns
    使用 1-6 列
  • Set the menu to be full width or specific pixel value
  • Control each column width for more creative layouts
  • Insert background images in the full mega menu, or in individual columns
  • Insert icons or custom thumbnails next to menu items
  • Menu highlight labels can be added to any menu item for added visual cues

WooCommerce Compatible With Extensive Design Integration
WooCommerce 与广泛的设计集成兼容

  • Plugin ready with full design integration
  • Intuitive theme options panel for industry leading customization options
  • Options for 1-6 Columns
    1-6 列的选项
  • Custom featured product slider to display your products
  • Custom featured product carousel to display your products
  • Full width or sidebar single product pages
  • Full width or sidebar shop page
  • Avada Single product gallery or default WooCommerce product gallery
    Avada 单一产品库或默认 WooCommerce 产品库
  • Single product image zoom on hover or disable zoom via options network
  • Display products based on category, ID or SKU
    根据类别、ID 或 SKU 显示商品
  • WooCommerce short codes are compatible with Avada columns
    WooCommerce 短代码与 Avada 列兼容
  • Continued collaboration with WooCommerce team to ensure compatibility

Popular Plugin Design Integration

  • WooCommerce compatible with full design integration
    WooCommerce 与完整的设计集成兼容
  • The Events Calendar compatible with full design integration
  • bbPress compatible with full design integration
    bbPress 与完整的设计集成兼容
  • WPML plugin ready WPML插件就绪
  • Polyang compatible Polyang兼容
  • Gravity Forms compatible with full design integration
  • Contact Form 7 compatible with full design integration
    Contact Form 7 与完整的设计集成兼容
  • Continued collaboration with each team to ensure compatibility
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